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A Brief History of Aldergrove

In the early 1870's, gold miners, loggers, entrepreneurs and farmers started arriving in the area of Yale Road and Jackman Road to settle on homesteads that were available. The people named the area Aldergrove because of all the alder trees around. In 1885, the first post office was opened. Also, an abundance of small stores began to open and more people began to settle

A few years later, a small family by the name of Shortreed arrived in 1885 and built a log cabin and store on the corner of Old Yale Road and County Line Road. They later named that area Shortreed. In 1891, Shortreed opened its first post office and telegraph line which was operated in Shortreed's store. In 1887, the Vannetta family settled there and in 1889, the first Customs Office was started in their home.

In 1887, both communities worked together and built the first elementary school at the corner of Jackman Road. Later, they moved the school to a more permanent location on Old Yale Road between 272 and 264. During this period of time, many sawmills and other mills were being set up because of the numerous trees in the area. At this time over 200 people lived and worked here.

Between 1907 and 1914, more services became available to the citizens of Aldergrove. The Great Northern Railway was built to Station Road and the BC Electric was extended, delivering mail on a regular basis. In 1914, Hamre's first bus service opened and an opera house was built on top of Hamre's garage. Other shops were also opened. When the first World War came, their was a great depression and it stopped a lot of people from coming to the area. A lot of the stores began to close, but the farmers kept up their work.

Later, in the twenties, Aldergrove got electricity and in the thirties, it got it's first actual convenience store. Eventually, Shortreed joined up with Aldergrove to become what is today.

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